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Florida Removes Licensing Requirement for Concealed Carry

In 2023, the Florida Legislature removed the requirement to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon in the state. They refer to the right to carry a concealed weapon as Constitutional Carry. You can still take the required training and apply for a license, but you do not have to have a license to carry concealed.

As a retired 34+ year law enforcement officer, firearms and CPR instructor and logical person, the only thing removing the licensing requirement did was to remove the training requirement to obtain a license. Training is the most important aspect of responsibly and safely carrying a firearm. Just because you are allowed to carry a concealed firearm DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD!

In my opinion, and the opinions of many people I know, anyone who decides to carry a firearm should train regularly with it to prevent accidents and tragedies from occurring. I will make it my lifetime goal to train as many people as possible to safely and responsibly carry a firearm. Anyone who carries should take the required training and obtain the Florida concealed carry license.

Florida now allows people to carry concealed inside the state without a license, but if you travel to other states, leave your gun at home or simply obtain the Florida license. Florida concealed carry licenses are accepted in most states in the country (some have restrictions, and a few do not honor it). Take one of my firearms courses to learn to defend yourself safely and all of the weapon laws that you should be familiar with to be carrying in the first place. Visit for information on many self-defense, lifesaving and firearms courses available through Zoom online courses, in-classroom, shoot/don't shoot simulator and live-fire range training. PLEASE TRAIN AND BE SAFE!

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